Do I need batteries? If so, what type?

SpeedyShake is 100% battery free! It is USB rechargeable, meaning you can charge it at home, in the office or on the go! The power button will display red during charge and once charge is complete, it will turn blue.

How long will each charge last?

It really depends on how long you use your SpeedyShake for each time. We recommend you avoid running for more than 30 seconds per use to prevent overheating. Using the maximum of 30 seconds per time, you should get at least 12 uses before you need to re-charge again!

How should I clean my SpeedyShake?

SpeedyShake can be easily clean by first removing the base from the cup. Only once it´s detached, you can take a damp sponge or cloth to wipe the blade area and make sure not get water into the USB! Simples!

Can I blend cocktails with my SpeedyShake?

While SpeedyShake was designed to prepare smoothies, shakes and juices on the go, it´s versatility means it can be used to prepare anything from soups and sauces through to yes, even cocktails! Drink with moderation though!

Can I take my SpeedyShake on a plane?

SpeedyShake uses a 22000mAh ,7.4V, 15C battery. Most airlines should allow this into hand luggage and checked luggage however each airline has it´s only policy, so check before traveling!